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Application temperature must be a minimum of 60°F and rising. Do not apply when temperature is expected to drop below 60°F within a 24 hour period. Be sure to wear eye protection, gloves, long pants, and long sleeves when mixing and applying QPR® Professional Grade Driveway Sealer. In areas where dew or fog accumulates in the early evening, it is best to coat in the morning. Stop coating by early afternoon (3:00 pm) to prevent wash off, which will occur if dew, fog, or rain arrive before coating dries. Do not apply if rain is imminent or forecast within 24 hours of application. DO NOT USE ON CONCRETE SURFACES.

This is a non-stop process. It’s a good idea to have pails opened and ready before beginning the process. Constant walking from side to side is important to prevent material from setting up (drying) too quickly.

For optimum performance (and warranty purposes) apply two coats at an application rate of no more than 350 square feet per 5-gallon pail per coat. Allow first coat to dry completely before applying a second coat. Allow sealer to cure 24-48 hours before opening to vehicle traffic.

  1. Stir pail thoroughly.
  2. Perform all trim work first by using a paint brush to get close to concrete areas (sidewalks, garages, etc.)
  3. Pour an even puddle (windrow) of sealer across driveway surface. It is important to continually add fresh material to the windrow throughout the sealing process. This is referred to as “Keeping a wet edge”.
  4. Place your QPR® Squeegee Tool at an angle into the sealer. The majority of the QPR® Squeegee Tool is outside the sealer windrow. Use only 6-8 inches of the squeegee when walking side to side – This gives you more control.
  5. Walk from side to side across driveway, stopping only to add fresh sealer to the windrow.
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